Sleepy Hollow: Sanctuary (S1E9)

“Oh you’ve surely come to realize by now, Lieutenant, that when the two of us are involved, rarely is a coincidence a coincidence.” – Ichabod Crane

Demons, witches, walking dead and plagues have already been dealt with on this show, which means we’re due for a haunted house episode. And that pretty much sums up the whole thing in probably the simplest plot we’ve had this season. A missing heiress leads Abbie and Crane to a once-sanctuary for free people of all races (also doubling as a sanctuary from evil forces), where a new revelation about Katrina leaves Crane a little extra motivated, which would have been more surprising to me if I hadn’t seen the reveal in an episode promo for a later episode (damn it, Fox!).

Obligatory modern-day joke: “Not that the ‘drive-thru’ wasn’t impressive. And despite this establishment’s nomenclature, this resembles no Scottish meal I’ve ever eaten.”

It’s Thanksgiving (or at least it was a month ago when this episode originally aired), and Crane feels just a tinge lonely just because he’s been transplanted 200 years into the future and his wife is imprisoned in a demonic purgatory. Abbie thinks a holiday break will be good, however there’s no rest for the wicked (hunters), and they are assigned to find out the location of the missing woman Lena, who we see in the teaser get dragged by branches into a closet of the mansion she just purchased. Note to prospective homebuyers: always get an inspection first.

Coincidentally it is the same house that Crane and Katrina once visited, and we see a flashback of them in poofy curly hairstyles with Katrina marveling how wonderful the owner is. Another boring flashback of Katrina unfortunately. I think these would work better if we saw them together, working towards something, instead they are always either separate or declaring their love with no buildup or development. Abbie and Crane find the dead body of Lena’s bodyguard, and then find themselves trapped in the house.

Irving, meanwhile, is dealing with Jenny and her almost subtle attempts to flirt with him, which of course means that he is married with children. And they coincidentally show up at that exact moment, with his wife accusing him of not being their for their daughter and threatening to file for divorce if he cancels another weekend visit. Happy Thanksgiving! Poor Irving can’t even tell his wife that he’s pursuing a headless horseman trying to bring about the end of the world.

Crane and Abbie find Lena, but they get separated trying to escape the demonic presence on the property, which turns out to be Treebeard? a walking humanoid tree, which kidnaps Lena because… she’s the descendant of the original homeowner? Not really sure we get a true reason why it needs her alive and didn’t kill her like her bodyguard. But Lena reveals that she wanted to know more about the house, and that Katrina Crane was the last guest in its original days. While Crane is on the run, Abbie gets a vision of one of the maids helping to deliver a baby – Katrina’s baby, which means that Crane had a son.

Crane doesn’t take the news too well, and once they rescue Lena, goes back into the house with an axe for horror movie payback time, severing the roots and then burying the axe in the thing’s head. We don’t know what happened to the son (it would be interesting if Crane’s descendant was walking around Sleepy Hollow), but all we know is that Katrina was able to escape with her baby. Afterwards while Crane is wallowing – we can tell because his hair is for the first time not in a halfback ponytail – Abbie comes to cheer him up, also with her hair down. And they share a bottle of rum yo ho yo ho a pirate’s life for me. Abbie then opens a box that Lena had sent her about the house’s records, and she finds out that she was the descendant of the maid who delivered Ichabod’s son. What a coincidence!

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