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Once Upon A Time: Kansas (3×20)

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The arrival of Snow’s baby means that it’s time for Zelena to make her move. Emma finds herself backed into a corner while confronting Zelena, and the “mystery of Hook’s lips” is solved. In past Oz we learn how Zelena rose and fell from power, with a few iconic Wizard of Oz moments throw in for nostalgia’s sake. Then we have a final confrontation, character development (and arrested character development) and events set in motion by that will most likely change the course of the show.

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Once Upon A Time: A Curious Thing (3×19)

To say a lot happens this episode is an understatement. Pretty much a checklist of everything we’ve been wondering since the second half of the season started is crossed off in rapid-fire fashion. We finally find out how the Wicked Witch can be defeated, along with how and who cast the dark curse again, and how Hook was able to restore Emma’s memories. Speaking of curses, Hook’s dilemma backfires on him in a showdown in which a bunch of memories are restored, and we take a lot of liberties with the rules of magic on this show. and there is scant time to process everything. Emma acts uncharacteristically harsh, but thankfully this is short-lived… for the most part. I’m expecting some recanting and apologizing next episode. (Pretty please?)

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