OUAT: New York City Serenade (S3E13)

Well we waited 10 agonizing weeks and managed to get a new episode on Sunday night in between what was mostly a countdown to the premiere of Resurrection. (Get out of my head, theme song!) Now that we are finally back let’s take a look at what magic can do. It can unleash an evil curse. It can break an evil curse. Perhaps most unbelievably, it can make someone afford an incredibly large and posh apartment in NYC. We are exactly where we left off; Snow White and Co. are back in the Enchanted Forest – in almost the exact same clothes they were wearing when they were ripped out (Charming, fortunately, is not in a coma this time). Emma and Henry are enjoying a pretty sweet life in modern-day America. Although there is this dashing rapscallion in black leather who seems to be stalking them. Emma has an incredibly sweet and thoughtful boyfriend, so we know he will either be: 1) Evil or 2) An innocent who will suffer an undeserved fate. Let’s do this.

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