Once Upon A Time: The Jolly Roger (3×17)

Yo ho, yo ho, it’s an episode starring our favorite dashing rapscallion swashbuckling resident pirate Captain Hook. Ariel appears in Storybrooke suddenly, trying to find the whereabouts of her missing Prince Eric, while we flashback to Hook and Ariel’s adventure in the Enchanted Forest and Hook’s quest to reclaim his ship from the pirate Blackbeard, who like Rapunzel, is more of a cameo appearance for a fantasy historical character. Emma becomes Regina’s padawan in learning magic, and in a ridiculous minor plotline, Charming and Snow try to prove to Henry that they are as cool a babysitter as Hook is. But we have a major heartbreaking twist by the end with something that would have already been important if it happened becomes even more important.

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