Deferred Life was forged from the fires of Mount Doom created out of a desire to indulge in the geekiest facets of pop culture, culminating with the arrival of San Diego’s annual Comic-Con International. I love writing, I love geek culture. I love being able to interact with people anywhere in the world – and my earliest, fondest internet memories involve discussing video games on a barebones message board. (Why yes, the Water Temple is particularly difficult). It’s funny how having a shared interest in a book or movie or video game creates an instant bond between complete strangers.

I went about creating a site with the sole purpose of covering Comic-Con for friends and family. Now that it’s over I hope to keep the spirit of the site alive by continuing to cover games and movies and tv shows – with collaboration from multiple online contributors. There are no deadlines on cramming a game walkthrough in 40 hours or publishers advertising on that very same site. It’s just people who write about what they love to do,

To the NSA: nothing to see here.

You’re a wizard, Harry,

You know nothing, Jon Snow,

For the honor of Grayskull,

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this,

So say we all,

With great power comes great responsibility,

I should go,