Sleepy Hollow: The Vessel (S1E11)

Abbie: “Crane, gonna need a hand.”

Crane: “The irony being that your generation is purportedly 2 inches taller than mine… on average.”

This is the first time that I remember being actually creeped out by a demonic possession on a tv show. Continuing from the previous episode, Irving’s daughter Macey is threatened by a demon servant of Moloch, who possess different bodies in order to get close to him. Abbie and Crane look for ways to defeat the demon, which once possessed Jenny.

Oh and let’s not forget the most important part of this episode, Crane changes outfits for the first time (briefly!) However if it’s a choice between dirty, worn 18th century high-waisted pants and skinny jeans on Crane, give me 18th century anytime.

Irving pulls in the vendor from the end of the previous episode to the police station to question why he asked about Macey’s soul and whether or not he was threat. The vendor, sans demon, has no idea what he’s being asked, so the woman he bumped into last episode is also brought in to see if she remembers the conversation. Unfortunately for Irving, it jumps again at the police station, possessing a cop, who then calls Irving to tell him he wants Washington’s bible, or else he’s coming for Macey.

Crane and Abbie conveniently find reference in Corbin’s files to that exact same type of demon, and find a tape DVD of the exorcism Corbin performed. The victim? Abbie’s sister, Jenny, who Crane and Abbie bring in. They all watch the encounter together, in which a possessed Jenny tells Corbin that Abbie will die, and that (possessed) Jenny will be the one who kills her. Jenny tells them that she doesn’t remember any of it, and rushes out. Crane follows her to her car, and Jenny admits that after each possession, she would only remember having those harmful thoughts towards Abbie, so she would commit crimes to land herself in jail so she wouldn’t be able to harm her.

When Jenny returns, upon closer examination of the tape, and using the cliche “demon is speaking backwards” discovery, Crane recognizes the language and discovers that the demon’s name is Ancitif, which again is conveniently found in a book, with the description matching what Irving told them exactly. (Why not just pore through those books in the first place?) They discover that salt will contain the demon, but the French lantern drawn in the book will expel Ancitif by revealing its true form and sending him back to Hell.

Fortunately they don’t have to travel all the way to France, as Jenny recognizes the lamp as something she had acquired for an apocalypse-fearing gun-toting group called the Weavers nearby. She plans to steal it, but Abbie doesn’t want her to get caught and land in jail, so she volunteers to do it instead. Actually she volunteers to do it with Crane, because what’s better than one person who’s familiar with the area to sneak in alone? Two people. One of which is not used to modern surveillance. Yes that part didn’t make sense to me. They follow Jenny’s instructions, get the lantern, but get accosted and held at gunpoint by the group when they try to leave. Crane makes an impassioned speech to let them have the lantern, but fails, but Jenny shows up to save the day. Because what can defeat 6 fully armed people? One person with 2 submachine guns. Really? I think those odds are not in her favor even if she has the best aim. In any case, she convinces the leader to let them borrow the lantern and he agrees immediately – because he can “never say no” to her. If it’s that easy she might have well just busted through the front door demanding the lantern to begin with.

Maybe Irving is doing a little bit better with logic? Having 2 police officers guard his wife and daughter in a safe house, knowing that either of those officers could very well be possessed, doesn’t fare much better. At least the priest is there, sealing the entryway with salt. Oh wait, one of the officers is possessed, and gets the other to remove the barrier before he snaps his neck. Then it’s a pretty easy path to the daughter, and we get the most frightening scene of the show so far, as a disturbingly possessed Macey dispatches of the priest, and then forces Irving to get Washington’s Bible.

Irving calls and gives Abbie advanced warning that he’s coming to the archives, and Crane and the Mills sisters are ready. They contain Ancitif with Salt, Crane recites the words and banishes the demon with the lantern… or into the lantern?? (That’ll be a nice surprise for the Weavers when they get the lantern back). Irving’s family is safe and reunited, and Jenny looks sad either because of the experience she had with the demon, or because Irving is not an eligible bachelor (or maybe both). Although if Corbin banished it the same way and it came back, then it’s very likely it’ll come back again.

Back at the cabin, Crane uses his invisible ink potion on one of the pages of Washington’s Bible and uncovers the date “December 19, 1999” written in Washington’s hand. But Washington died 5 days before that, so the pair wonder how he wrote that after he died. Or you know, he could have written that date before he died. It’s a date, not carbon dating, it could have been written anytime. I’m being nitpicky over what was an excellent episode, but let’s hope we won’t be dealing with Zombie Washington next episode.

Non-burning question: Is Morales alive? And does anyone care if he is or not?

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