Sleepy Hollow: The Lesser Key of Solomon (S1E4)

“How fortuitous. An officer of the law with a criminal past. Imagine the delinquency we could perpetrate if we really put our minds to it.” – Ichabod Crane

Four episodes in and Tom Mison has completely charmed me with his delightfully restrained portrayal of Ichabod Crane. Someone get that man a change of clothes! Crane plays babysitter/arbitrator for the two Mills sisters, who are finally given a proper sibling rivalry reunion after Jenny escapes the mental institution last episode. And we need a sufficient villain for the sisters to defeat whilst resolving their issues, so yes, throw in the Hessians and their German accents. On the plus side, the episodes continue to be simplified plot-wise (in a good way), with more time to allow the story to breathe.

Obligatory “fish out of water” joke: Crane charms the car navigation operator with his story of love of Katrina while getting his car unlocked. Imagine what would happen if he gets his hands on a Kindle Fire HDX.

After realizing Jenny has escaped the mental institution, Abbie convinces Irving to give her time to find Jenny before the rest of the police intervene. The pair visit her last foster home, which then leads them to a cabin in the woods (that’s just an invitation for trouble), where Crane realizes that it was owned by the recently deceased-as-of-the-pilot episode Sheriff Colbin.

Jenny suddenly appears and the sisters have a standoff until Crane convinces them to drop their weapons. Jenny admits that she had been working with Colbin, and that she traveled the world Bruce Wayne style learning different fighting tactics. She was sent by Colbin to find a secret object stored in the cabin, which offers the secret location of a magical book that will call forth demons from the 7th circle of Hell, a book that Crane was once tasked with preventing the British from obtaining.

Obligatory decapitation of the episode: Jenny’s friend gets tortured and eventually get his head removed after helping her.

They (as in Crane) figure out the location, but then the modern day Hessians interrupt the party and take the key with them. Crane and Co. interrogate the lead Hessian, who warns them Moloch is coming before taking the obligatory cyanide pill. Fortunately as we remember, Crane has photographic memory, so they are able to reach the rest of the Hessians during the middle of their demonic conjuring. Some questionable CGI demons with Nazgul screams, but creepy enough. Abbie manages to burn the book in the very fire that was conjured (how’s that for irony?). Jenny shoots the other guy, and another apocalypse is prevented.

Abbie and Jenny manage to bury the hatchet, with Abby offering to take over minimal custody of her life, which means Jenny will only be in the psychiatric ward for 6 months max. Abbie admits to Jenny that she believes she was biblically fated to help Crane prevent the apocalypse. Then Crane pulls out John Milton’s Paradise Lost and points out that they finally know Moloch is the one that they’ve all met and the one keeping Katrina prisoner.

Fake History Lesson of the week:

Abbie: “You invented the Boston Tea party so that you could steal something from the British?”

Crane: “At the time it was referred to as ‘the destruction of the tea.’ You’ve coined a far more festive name.”

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