Sleepy Hollow: Necromancer (S1E8)

Irving: “I can hardly believe Jefferson foresaw holding a headless man prisoner.”

Crane: “He foresaw holding the worst type of demons that may walk the earth. A product, no doubt, of his years trying to reason with the French.”

How people on this show don’t make any back-up plans when trying to contain one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse is perhaps an example of “tv logic,” but we finally discover (in a rather blunt, obvious manner) who the Headless Horseman is and why he is so interested in Ichabod Crane. (Hint: it’s not because of Tom Mison’s dreamy eyes).

We pick up immediately after the previous episode; the horseman is in chains and subject to a permanent artificial tanning from UV light. There’s also some masonic spell placed upon the chamber, which we know will somehow be broken later on. And not even that much later on. Hessian spies are everywhere, and an antiquities shop gets broken into. Abbie tells Irving to contact her sister regarding the capture of the horseman, and the two investigate the shop where an artifact used to, what else, break masonic curses has been stolen. Well that’s fine, I mean the UV lights are still in place. They could cut the power, but our team would have back-up generators, right? No, of course they wouldn’t, and Jenny and Irving head to the power plant, which then gets blown up. Houston, we have a problem.

Crane wants to interrogate the horseman, but since it would be difficult to get some answers seeing as how the horseman is missing a mouth, eyes and, you know, head, tracks down Brooks with Abbie. They conveniently find him, and through an Egyptian artifact Brooks is able to basically be (albeit very reluctantly) the mouth of Sauron the horseman. Headless homeboy doesn’t want to talk though, so Crane eggs him and antagonizes him, because there is no absolute way that the horseman could escape and become even angrier right? (Spoiler alert: there is).

Crane stumbles when he finds Katrina’s necklace on the horseman though, and we flash back to when Katrina was arranged to be married to Abraham von Blunt (Brom Bones?), Crane’s best friend, and when Crane helped pick a necklace out for her. I found this flashback a little jarring because in their last chronological one, Katrina remember was a Quaker and helping Crane join the side of good. And now we have them dressing up in fancy parties and this love triangle already in progress. Katrina tells Crane that she is going to call off the engagement (women’s rights in the 1700s what??), and when she does this makes Abraham a little peeved during their next mission. So Crane does the dumb thing and tells Abraham that Katrina is not interested in wealth and instead loves him. Abraham does the next dumb thing and starts dueling Crane, loudly, in enemy territory. Abraham gets shot, and since they are heavily outnumbered, Crane leaves Abraham behind as a group of Hessians close in and Abraham is no more.

Jenny and Irving rendezvous with Abbie and Crane in the sewers as the horseman is still contained since the curse on the chamber hasn’t been broken yet. Abbie thinks Crane is losing his cool, but he needs to know why the horseman took Katrina’s necklace off Abraham. So the other 3 head off to secure the sewer. But Brooks, as he had warned Abbie and Crane, must still do the horseman’s bidding, and we find he had the artifact inside him the whole time. Literally inside him, as he pulls it out of his abdomen and breaks the curse and summons poor man’s orcs from Lord of the Rings. The 3 fight him off, while Crane finally realizes (and as the audience you are well aware of this by now) that Abraham is the horseman – he sold his soul that day in the woods. And he disobeyed Moloch so that he could kill Ichabod Crane, get his revenge, and Katrina’s soul will be his in time. Love hurts. Abraham now is significantly buffed up as the horseman, and just as he is about to take out Crane for good, Brooks summons the demons to contain the horseman, as Crane is not to be killed.

And now, finally motivated (as if his wife being stuck in purgatory for 200 years wasn’t enough already), Crane needs to find Katrina.

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