Sleepy Hollow: Bad Blood (S1E13)

Jenny: “You bought the same exact outfit? So does this mean we can finally give away that ratty coat?”

Crane: “Please, and risk it be worn “ironically” by purveyors of artisanal marmalade who discovered it at a local thrift shop? I thank you, no.”

We finally come to what we have been waiting all season long. Ichabod Crane changes outfits permanently after wandering dreamlike through what turns out to be an inaccurate war re-enactment in present day. So it’s the exact same outfit but in better condition. Oh, points for cleverness, show. That’s one of the rare moments of humor in this season finale as we end on cliffhangers galore with all of our major characters in dire straits situations.

Captain Irving is under arrest for confessing to the murders of his priest and police office from the previous episode, but he has been transported upstate so Abbie is unable to be there for him (and I’m assuming so Orlando Jones wouldn’t have to film an extra episode this season). But he leaves for Abbie a notebook of Corbin’s in which he highlighted relevant pages, and which also contains tapes of Corbin’s discussions with Reverend Knapp.

The team is on a time crunch because Henry had a dream about Moloch raising the second horseman – War – from the ground, in an area with four white trees. Yes, the very same white trees that Abbie and Jenny first encountered Moloch at the beginning of the season. Their plan is to seal the ground before he can rise, but that requires a witch, and the only one around is Katrina, who as we all know is still stuck in Purgatory. If only there were some way to get there…

Ah but let’s not forget the map to Purgatory which Crane destroyed but then recreated by hand anyway. Abbie feels like he lied to her, but Crane insists he will only use it with her permission. And she agrees. Man, that was the entire fallout after all that tension last week? Jenny pulls Abbie aside and tells her she doesn’t want to lose her again, reminding her of when they found a dollhouse in the trash when they were kids and pretended like it was their one safe place to be together. Don’t worry, this odd analog comes into play later in this episode. Jenny tracks down the info from Corbin’s tapes, while Abbie, Crane and Henry head to the place marked on the map, where all the ley lines converge, as the entrance to Purgatory.

Henry warns them not to trust anything they see, and not to eat or drink anything there. Crane and Abbie recite the words from the map and the door shatters open. Abbie finds herself in Corbin’s cabin, along with a very much alive Corbin and Andy, who are there pretending like Abbie just came back from Quantico. The air is rose-colored, the men are happy; it’s a sad reminder of what Abbie has lost since the show began. Corbin sets out plates of apple pie a la mode but Abbie is able to realize this is all a dream before she takes her first bite. And as the dream fades and she leaves the house she gets one last look of Andy and Corbin, heads separated from their bodes as they beg her not to leave them there.

Crane has a decidedly much less charming dream. His father (the always badass Victor Garber) greets him as the British have won the American Revolution (in your dreams, Brits!) and Crane now has a permanent professorship at Oxford. His father pours him a drink of sherry (or some other fancy alcohol) and just as Crane is about to take his first sip, he’s reminded of his father disowning him, and the dream fades, his father gets into demon-rage mode, and Crane finds himself in the forest with Abbie. But wait, how does he know she is the real Abbie? Fist bump, bro. Yes, I’m serious. Abbie asks Crane what she taught him after they captured the Horseman. The fist bump. (Be thankful she didn’t teach him YOLO).

They make their way to the church where Katrina is, but she tells them she can’t leave until her sins are forgiven, or unless another soul were to take her place. Crane steps up and makes the sacrifice, but Abbie says she finally needs to face Moloch and will take Katrina’s place. Crane won’t have it, but Abbie refuses to give up, and they hug (it out, bro) in an uncomfortable 3rd wheel scene for Katrina. Katrina leaves an enchanted necklace for Abbie to be protected (don’t really know the etiquette gift for a ‘thanks for taking my place in Purgatory!’) and she and Crane make their escape.

Meanwhile in above-ground world, Jenny finds an abandoned, nameless church Corbin mentioned in his tapes. The church appears to be a dead end until Jenny finds the sign semi-buried in the ground. The name of the church? St. Henry’s Parish. Like the name of the Sin Eater. What a coincidence! But as we learn in this episode, things can’t be a coincidence. Jenny rushes out to warn Abbie, but the Headless Horseman appears with a shotgun, and magic-bullet shoots the car into oblivion. A little too defying the laws of physics, but Jenny is injured and unconscious.

Crane and Abbie jump back into the real world, and Henry is very enthusiastic at meeting Katrina. She performs a pathfinding spell to locate the four trees but the horseman doesn’t appear to be in the ground. Actually, it’s because he already arose years before. Back in Purgatory, Abbie awakens in a life-sized version of the dollhouse Jenny talked about, and young Abbie and young Jenny reveal that Moloch took their memories that day; they didn’t black out. Abbie finally remembers what Moloch was doing in the woods that day; he was awakening the second horseman. A man who after being buried for 200 years then stumbled onto a church and took its name in order to be defiant (and ironic) – Henry Parish.

What? Yes, Henry Parish is Jeremy – Ichabod and Katrina’s son – and War – the second horseman. (I knew they couldn’t possibly wrap up his storyline so fast!) Although his age relative to his parents is a bit confusing in a Once Upon A Time way. He holds them captive until the Headless Horseman comes to retrieve Katrina (Ichabod and Katrina seem destined to not be together) and then buries Crane alive in the very same spot he was buried. I can honestly say I did not see this twist coming, even after Henry was a bit too creepy last episode.

So to recap: Irving is arrested, Jenny is unconscious, Katrina is kidnapped by the Headless Horseman, Abbie is stuck in Purgatory, and Crane is buried alive. How they will resolve this, I have no idea, but overall a pretty decent season for Sleepy Hollow.

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