The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Trailer

Lego Hobbit

The Polarization of A Fanbase (a.k.a Fun with Legos!)

Hobbit fans gather around because there are so many thoughts racing through my head and I know I can’t be the only fan who feels this way:

  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug could not be more perfect. This was the scene I was most skeptical about when I first heard about the movie, because having a talking dragon be both charming and menacing on film while maintaining believability is extremely difficult, but hearing his voice bookend the trailer after seeing Martin Freeman’s open makes me think their verbal duel will be the scene of the movie
  • Lee Pace makes a magnificent Thranduil. His voice, his mannerism, his movements – everything is so graceful yet twinged with a slight suspicion. I think he’s perfect casting.
  • Thranduil’s offer for help makes it seem like the Dwarves will not be imprisoned at first, but since they’re jumping into barrels later I suppose either they do something against his wishes, suspecting that he’s setting them up, or Thranduil actually did set them up and planned to imprison them all along. They still need to play a sympathetic side to him though, because it is incredibly important for him to be likeable for the last movie.
  • Legolas has an unrequited love “fondness” for Tauriel? 1) I find it hard to believe it could possibly be one-sided (he’s a beautiful pointy-eared Elven princeling!!), and 2) Why do we need to inject romantic tension into every movie?? Obviously I could be reading too much into this. I’m okay with book versus movie differences because they are 2 different mediums, so while I was disappointed that Legolas in LOTR was not his usual wise-cracking self from the books, I understood it was necessary because there was only so much time for character development and the movies were more serious in tone. But now he’s both serious and romantic? This was the one sticking point from the trailer for me.
  • But I am happy that the Elves and Legolas get featured more prominently. We didn’t get to see the Elves in their prime in Lord of the Rings, so I believe this trilogy is Peter Jackson’s chance to show them in all their shining battle glory before they fade away to autumn. A little too much acrobatics but I’ll forgive them for that.
  • Bard the Bowman gets to shine and I think all book fans know why he’s so adamantly the voice of reason against Thorin retaking Erebor and waking up Smaug. There’s a great hero shot of him in the trailer. I still can’t help thinking of Orlando Bloom whenever I see him though.
  • Thorin will probably turn on Bilbo near the end of the movie, or increasingly gets greedier the closer they get to the mountain, setting up for the last pivotal battle of the 3rd movie.
  • Gandalf will discover Sauron is the Necromancer and this will set up a plan to remove him from Mirkwood, but I think like the Battle of Five Armies, this battle will get featured in the last movie. And how great was his exchange with Bilbo? I’m very glad they put this scene here:

Bilbo: “I found something in the goblin tunnels?
Gandalf: “What did you find?”
Bilbo: “…My courage.”
Gandalf: “Good! You will need it.”

  • Otherwise beautiful scenery as usual and I’m feeling excited about the movie again

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