Breaking Bad: Rabid Dog (S5E12)

“You think I came all this way just to let something as silly as lung cancer take me down? Not a chance.”

I’ve probably become spoiled as a fan of Breaking Bad because almost all the episodes have been so top-notch and the start of the last 8 have been getting better and better. After a tense opening, this one felt like a slow set-up to next week, and while the story developed, with only 5 episodes left, things are going to have to progress brutally fast after this.

A bit familiar feel to the start of this episode: Walter pointing his gun, and Walter needing to break into his own house. Where is Jesse? I kept waiting for him to pop out or setting a trap for Walter and lighting the match but instead the house is empty and his empty car reveals that Jesse snorted some drugs before arriving. Sorry MP3s, CDs will be around for a while.

The mystery continues as Saul & Co. search for Jesse while Walt makes an elaborate story about how he had a malfunctioning gas pump to explain the gasoline smell in the house (obligatory tidy-whitie appearance!). Walt Jr. thinks Walt is covering for a fainting spell (oh poor naive Flynn) and Walt moves them to a hotel until the house is cleared. Saul thinks that Jesse will need to be put down like Old Yeller, but Walt will have none of it. Then, since his meeting with Saul wasn’t as discreet as he thought, has to admit to Skyler that Jesse was trying to burn their house down, but hey, he changed his mind and didn’t burn the house down so they’re all safe now. Skyler says no, and that Jesse will need to need to be “taken care” of. Yes, they are so far down the rabbit hole that Jesse’s dead body will be just another loose end to Skyler.

“We’ve come this far for us – what’s one more?”

– Skyler

So what prompted Jesse’s change of heart? Hank with a gun. Which is probably a good thing seeing as how drugged-up Jesse would have gone up in flames with the rest of the house. Hank gets him to crash at his house, while Marie is off with her famed therapist Dave who makes his first appearance. Marie wonders how she could have not known that her own brother-in-law was keeping a huge secret. Probably because she was too busy being self-absorbed and shoplifting. I kid, I kid. But seriously, Marie hasn’t had the best character development. When Marie finds out Jesse is staying with them, and that this will be bad for Walt, she starts to feel good. So Jesse will be teaming up with the guy who beat him to a bloody pulp against the guy who’s been manipulating him for ~2 years. Now imagine what Jesse would have done if he had found out about Jane.

“You want to burn him down. Let’s do it together.”

– Hank

Bring out the camcorder again. This time Jesse actually tells them the whole story, even though he panics and tells them that there is no proof and they’ll never catch him because Mr. White is the devil who is always smarter and luckier. But Hank tells Jesse that Walt cares about Jesse, which is true, and that Jesse will be safe and they’ll get the proof they need because Walter wants to talk to Jesse in private to “explain everything.” Jesse thinks he’ll be executed, and then Hank admits to Gomez that he hopes Jesse is right, and that he’ll be killed by Walt and they’ll both have the proof they need and be rid of the druggie/murderer – 2 birds with one stone. Guess we know where Hank’s priorities lie.

Jesse gets wired up for the meet-up with Walt but bails once he notices a big burly bald man within Walt’s line of sight. He calls Walt from a pay phone and tells him his trap failed and threatens that he’s coming for him, and then gets out of there. The big burly man? Just a stranger waiting to meet his daughter. Guess Walt’s luck wasn’t with him this time. Jesse tells Hank that he has another way to get Walt. But guess what? Walt’s patience with Jesse might have finally run out, and following Saul’s and Skyler’s advice, calls Todd to tell his uncle he has another job for him.

“Whatever it takes. We will talk and I will fix this.”

– Walter

Is the relationship finally over? I feel like Walt would take Jesse out if he was a definite threat to his family, but I don’t quite believe he would do it based on what Jesse’s done so far. I have no idea what Jesse’s plan is, but based on the writing will probably be brilliant and make complete sense within the plot. Or he’s going to do something as idiotic as throwing $5 million out the window. Is Walt Jr. ever going to find out the truth about his dad? So many things to wrap up in 4 hours.

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