Breaking Bad Finale Predictions (which will turn out horribly wrong)

Less than 2 hours away from the series finale of Breaking Bad *sniff* and I have no clue how the show will end but I’m going to throw down some thoughts on how I think it will all turn out anyway because it’s going to be fun during the recap to see how very wrong I was.

  • Skyler, Walter Jr. and Holly will all survive. True the show has been pretty tragic at times and we’ve lost a lot of people, but I don’t think Breaking Bad is dark enough to go full Greek tragedy on us. Walt’s goal has been the protection of his family and I think he will fulfill that, and continuing that thought…
  • Walt will find some way to get money to his family after his death. It’s gonna be dirty money, and I don’t know how he’s going to launder it, but I can see some future-forward scene where Skyler opens a letter and receives a check which will be from Gray Matter or something where she, and she alone, knows it’s coming from Walt.
  • Marie will survive and continue wearing purple. She’s not that important a character honestly, and her death would be pretty meaningless now that Hank is gone.
  • The neo-nazis (Jack, Todd and Company) will die. I can see Jack and crew getting taken out by Walt. All clues seem to suggest that the M60 is for them, but Walt’s too clever a guy to go in guns ablazin’. I think the gun will be a decoy, or Walt’s coughing fit gives him away, and somehow during his revenge plan Jesse will find a way to escape and kill Todd.
  • Walt and Jesse will both die. I know Jesse is beloved but his life is so tragic now that I can’t foresee an end where he walks off into the sunset with Brock to a new life. And Jesse and Walt are so tied together as the heart and brains of the show that it would be both fitting and tragic that they go out together at the end. Walt may not die in a tragic manner, but his death will be shown, whether it’s a flash forward of him dying alone from cancer or whether Jesse kills him. In any case, I can see Walt accepting his death knowing that his family hates him. No way is Walt going to get caught by the police.
  • There will be some “twist” closer, where something that you thought Walt failed at during the rest of the episode turns out to be something that he planned this whole time (getting the money to Skyler, etc.)
  • We’ll see Saul again one last time. This is just wishful thinking because his exit was so low-key.
  • The ricin will be for… Everyone keeps saying it’s for Lydia because the show’s made a point of her ordering tea, but really I don’t see her as much of a direct threat to Walt, not enough for him to include her as part of his revenge plan. He doesn’t even know Todd is cooking for her. And it can’t be for Jesse either because for all we know Walt thinks Jesse is dead already. I’m going to guess that it’s either for Walt himself, or make a wild leap and say it’s going to be connected to Gray Matter.

It’s been a good run and I don’t remember the last time pop culture was so excited about how a show would end, but my last prediction is that no matter what the ending is going to be brilliant like the rest of the show.

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