Breaking Bad: Buried (S5E10)

“It sounds like what you really want is to get Walt – at all costs.”

Breaking Bad can do full circle like no other show. To prove it, have a nice visual of Jesse spinning around by himself metaphorically and literally on a merry-go-round after… [full episode recap below] apathetically tossing out $5 million. All in a day’s work.

Walt makes the stupid mistake of not dialing Skyler immediately after his confrontation with Hank, who reaches Skyler first and meets up with her to get her to confess all of Walt’s sins. I feel like Hank could have had her on his side, but instead pushed too hard with the voice recorder and bringing up Walt’s cancer brought out Skyler’s sympathetic side. Also perhaps Skyler realizes that because of the laundering, there’s no way for her to come out innocent anymore.

Because Saul has convinced Walt not to pick up Skyler’s calls, she just hangs out at her house until the inevitable Marie visit. Marie is not too happy that Skyler has known about Walt almost all this time (including when Hank got shot) and slaps Skyler. Fans who find Skyler annoying might have been happy about that, but to get the one person who is even more annoying than Skyler do it brought no likeability for Marie to me. And then she tries to take Holly with her, which was not a good idea. From a rational standpoint, of course it makes perfect sense to take the kids away from a drug lord (allegedly) but after all this time I still feel sympathy for Walt and Skyler and their family. So I don’t know what that says about me as a person. Speaking of which, where the hell is Walt Jr.? He’s so clueless at this point I’m half-expecting another family barbeque where he wanders in and asks everyone why they’re so quiet.

Walt meanwhile gets Saul’s henchmen to wrap up his gazillion dollars into barrels so he can bury them in the desert. I thought his chosen site looked familiar, and it was because it was the first cook site of him and Jesse so many seasons ago. And Walt now knows to roll the barrels at least, and then encodes the GPS coordinates into the most ironic lottery ticket ever; if you can use the money as a giant mattress like Scrooge McDuck, then that’s more than any lottery jackpot. And as if to stick the knife in even further for Walt’s side, after passing out on the bathroom floor (season 1 callback!), Walt admits it was his fault that he got caught and tells Skyler to keep the money for herself and to give it to the kids so that all that he’s done won’t be for nothing. Everyone all together: “Awwwwww.” Skyler tells Walt that all Hank has are suspicions, that there is no proof of anything and that they should just be quiet now. I don’t know where this Heisenberg side of Skyler came from after the way she’s been acting lately… but I kind of like it. I was very worried the show was going to go the cliche route with Walt overreacting thinking that Skyler ratted him out without even talking to her, but thankfully the show avoided this.

Hank stews at home knowing that the day he brings in this case to the DEA will mark the end of his career for being the guy who had no clue his own brother-in-law was Heisenberg. He doesn’t want to go in until he has conclusive proof (is the book not enough?) but Marie convinces him that if the DEA finds out first, then he’ll go down with the ship too. But what other proof could he possibly get? Oh yes, Jesse has been brought in for throwing money out the window. (Geez is everything illegal now?) and gets questioned by the return of the 2 most douchebag federal investigators ever. Then Hank gets his turn. Fade to black.

Nooooooooo we have to wait another 7 days!

Oh and also Lydia goes to the cartel to scold them for not maintaining high-enough purity levels, and then arranges for their assassination and then needs Todd to hold her hand because she can’t handle the sight of dead bodies. I hope there’s a payoff to Lydia because at this point her character has been so annoying that her (inevitable) demise will just make me more on Walt’s side. I don’t expect a happy ending for Walt but damn it I just can’t hate him fully yet. Yet. I have no doubt things will get very bad before the end. He is still adamant about keeping Hank safe since the “family is off limits,” but we’ll see how long that lasts.

Previous Season Callbacks:

  • Skyler finds out Walt has cancer
  • Walt doesn’t run over Hank’s neighbor’s RC car
  • Walt returns to the site of his first cook
  • Walt shows off his tidy-whities again before…
  • …Passing out on the bathroom floor
  • Jesse lands in the interrogation room

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