Breaking Bad: Blood Money (S5E9)

“If you don’t know who I am, then maybe your best course would be be to tread lightly.”

If the countless publicity and articles and internet ads haven’t clued you in yet, this is the beginning of the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad. And what a long way we’ve come, and yet the tidy whities will never stop making an appearance and I still find myself laughing at inappropriate moments. Spoilers and random thoughts below the cut:

Hank: I feel pretty bad for this guy. He’s spent the last 2 years chasing down a monster and almost getting killed and getting blasted by his superiors for chasing dead ends, when he was not only right but outsmarted at every single turn by pretty much his closest friend.

Skyler: I’ll admit I’ve found Skyler annoying at times, but her brief scene where she tells Lydia to GTFO brought a smile to my face. On the other hand, I feel sad that she’s trying so hard to ease back into her normal life with Walt and seriously considering more ways to launder money when 1) His cancer came back as she had hoped it would (but maybe not anymore?) and 2) Obviously this period of normalcy won’t last.

Marie and Walt Jr.: Oh to be so clueless and innocent.

Saul: Still as snappy a dresser as ever, and apparently still reporting straight to Walt.

Jessie: I like the ambiguity he displays when Walt lies straight up to his face that he believes Saul is out there, alive and taking care of his granddaughter. It was smart of him to reason that the safest bet for Walt would have been to kill Saul and it was hard to tell whether he knew something or whether he was trying to convince himself that Walt has not evolved into as bad a person as he’s feared. The progression from the beginning of the show where all he thought of Mr. White was a nerdy square high school teacher to now fearing for his life in his presence has been pretty spectacular, as well as the disturbing father-son relationship that Walt believes they have. (Is this the first time Walt has called him, “Son”?) Throwing money out the window I thought was as stupid as, well, throwing money out the window. Take that money, call Saul and get the hell out of there with a new life.

Walt: There was a question on the Story Sync website during the show where it asked, “Why did Walt leave the book in the restroom?” and the majority said it was because he felt untouchable. That’s not to say that issues with Lydia would have disappeared, but his ego and keeping the book as a sort of trophy led to his downfall (finally). His direct confrontation with Hank was unexpected and intriguing since he tried to appeal to Hank’s sympathetic side by appearing weak and helpless – completely the opposite when he told the cartel to “say his name.” I thought it wasn’t a smart move but I have to believe that he knows Hank can’t possibly drop the case now but haven’t worked out what Machiavellian angle he’s going for. The confirmed return of his cancer also keeps every possible ending scenario open for the show.

Throwbacks to previous episodes:

  • Badger and Skinny Pete talking Star Trek
  • Walt in his tidy-whities, discovering a GPS on his car
  • Hank and Marie’s young neighbor driving an RC-controlled car
  • Walt hides his cancer from the family

Open questions:

  • Why does future-Walt need the ricin when he has an M60?
  • Does future-Walt still have cancer or did he just stop the chemo?

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