The Final Day


It was a Mass Effect themed day

It was in a zombie-like state and a mixture of both a joy and relief that I made it to the last day of Comic-Con. I’ve been having a great time but at the same time I’m not sure how much more lack of sleep I can handle. I woke up early again to try to make it into Breaking Bad – the 2nd panel of the day in Hall H. I felt pretty optimistic when reaching the end of the line because it was much shorter than it had been on Friday. I met a nice couple who were trying to get into Supernatural (he was there for moral support) and who offered to buy me pancakes from this amazing place they had discovered. I also chatted with a British bloke who faced the dilemma of being spoiled by Breaking Bad since season 5 was not yet on Netflix. He was there for Doctor Who, and told me he was amazed that it was so big in the U.S. because the show was so British that even he found it annoying sometimes.

The line eased along until finally it reached a point where I could sit down peacefully and this was where I could have closed my eyes for 30 seconds and found a bed right on the sidewalk. When the doors opened we made the final march in and I was again feeling optimistic. We reached the white tents and finally one of the 4 loading chutes for the hall. I felt great. I was in chute 4, they then loaded chute 1, 2… And then the line stopped moving altogether. And then it was the waiting game to see how many people would leave Supernatural. This was where line discussions came in and we all talked about how we felt bad if we were ahead of people who were there solely for Supernatural, and how they should reserve a section of seats for people who only wanted to see 1 panel that should be cleared out every time.


One final look outside

It was all a moot point; no changing the structure now. The couple behind me eventually left. Then the born-again Baptist church that had been sermonizing outside Comic-Con every day about how we’re all going to hell for worshiping false idols and superheroes and blah blah blah stood right on the sidewalk and lectured on and on with a bloody bullhorn. (Well their audience is certainly big enough). Eventually one bold man started singing, “Jeremiah was a bullfrog…” and by the time he reached the chorus everyone else joined in and we drowned the man out. Nerd power! Eventually the police intervened and I’ve never heard such cheering and the man was forced to I think at least keep moving and no longer incite a riot. Win win.



Once Supernatural was over the security guard told us to get ready to move, and we did… about 10-20 feet. I got so excited that I was going to get in but it was not to be. I think so few people left the room that neither us nor chute 3 were able to get in. The only reason we moved forward was because people were bailing. Eventually halfway through Breaking Bad, I decided to depart too and told the people in line good luck and I got awwww’d as I left. Twice in a row! Never again, Breaking Bad! There goes my goal to yell, “Yeah, bitch! I’m a blowFISH!” to Aaron Paul. I needed to end on a good note however, so I hurried my way to the Sails Pavilion to get the autograph of Mr. Raphael Sbarge, my video game boyfriend voice actor of Mass Effect’s Kaidan Alenko and actor on Once Upon A Time. I was wearing my N7 hoodie and can’t tell you as a huge Mass Effect fan how excited I was for this. I got a lovely autograph from him on a photo of Kaidan, a picture with him, and he was super polite.  I always appreciate his willingness to go to so many fan conventions. I cradled his autograph through the crowds like a newborn, and carefully navigated my way through the Exhibit Hall to buy a protective sleeve for it. And even afterwards carried it very carefully the rest of the day. I was grinning ear to ear.

Ender's Game

Ender’s Game set

Finally I decided to check out the Ender’s Game exhibit across the street, where you can get an ID made along with nametags, and then you walk through sets and costumes from the movie. I’m not sure if the movie looks that great since it appears really flashy compared to the book, and Harrison Ford is entirely too likeable for his character, but it’s a nice event for non-ticket holders. Another girl with an N7 hoodie yelled out “Commander!” at me and took a picture with me since we were both Mass Effect fans. Then while I was back in the Exhibit Hall, I ran into 2 other girls with N7 hoodies at the Watchdogs game theater and they said, “Sup, Shepard?” And that is why I love being a geek. I also nodded off twice during the gameplay movie while a big, burly man from Ubisoft made sure no one took pictures or video of the footage. Nothing against the game since I’m looking forward to it, it’s just after 4 days of hectic scrambling and standing for hours at a time, once I was in a dark room sitting on a chair I was ready for bedtime.

Ender's Game

I was a little disappointed this computer was not fully functional

I made one final walkthrough of the hall and then ventured upstairs and onto the terrace for the first time, where I both got a great view of people walking around the hall and ran into people in full-fledged armor who let other people hit them with rubber bats. I mean wow, I think of all the other stuff I could have missed all this time. Finally they made the announcement that the doors were closing, and I walked by the Fox booth to see if I could get more goodies, but the line was so ridiculously long in that tight crowd I had no idea where the end was. I decided to just let it go, walked outside, and that was the end.

Overall I had a very good time. There were certainly high points along with low points – spending hours waiting in line and having no reward is frustrating – and should I try to come again next year, I think it would be more fun just because now I have an idea of what to do. I’m just glad I could make it at least once to have that experience. Is Comic-Con for you? Well if you were ever a huge comic-book nerd or are into video games then I would say most definitely yes. At least once. Just be aware that coming from out-of-state you could probably fit a comfortable trip out of the country on the same budget, so know your priorities!

Exhibit Hall

People look like ants!

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