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The second day of Comic-Con I figured would be the one requiring the most patience as both The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones were scheduled for the same room, in addition to little-known movies such as The World’s End, Riddick, Kickass 2, and a block of films from Sony including Spider-man 2. I want to say I got to the line at 6 a.m., but it took me an additional 20 minutes to walk from the start of the line to the end. It was the most discouraging line I’ve seen, making huge loops back onto itself and backtracking. (What the hell is this? Metroid?) The line’s length was almost a mathematical impossibility and I swear we were halfway to Coronado at that point. The staff guy whose only job was to hold the sign for the end of the line told us that our chances of getting in were pretty slim. But I’ll be damned if I woke up early for nothing. I came prepared though with my Kindle fire and season 5 of Breaking Bad loaded.

Princess Leia

Whoa it’s a legit Princess Leia

But the line has an annoying habit of moving every 10-15 minutes, even though the doors were nowhere near opening. So every time I’d finally get tired and sit down, up we go and move again. Or maybe it’s the line collapsing because people are folding up all their sleeping bags. I chatted with folks in line around me – always a nice thing to have nerdy conversations with fellow nerds such as: what is Jon Snow’s true parentage? Finally the line legitimately started moving and we made our way to the coveted spots underneath the tent within actual visual distance of the hall. And that’s where people would randomly cut in. There are no ropes designating lines, so you have to rely on your fellow fans not being total dicks, which sadly is not as high as you’d like it to be. By the time we crossed the street, 3 separate people who were just in a random crowd near the line cut in. We tried to flag down staff but to no avail. Finally the people I had been chatting with formed an alliance/human blockade and physically pressured those people behind us. In your face, Game of Thrones!

By the time you get to the white tents is when people get antsy for being so close, and when some jerk tried to cut in the crowd of people started booing and shouting, “Get him!” to the staff, then cheering when the line-cutter was defeated. People were out for blood. And that’s when the line stopped moving for good. No chance of me getting in until after Game of Thrones most likely and the only reason I got in was because my friend in the panel stepped out. I would definitely support splitting the panels, i.e. put Walking Dead and Game of Thrones in separate rooms at the same time and make people choose which one they love the most. Because it’s only my 2nd day and already I feel frustrated.

Iron Man

One of the best Iron Man costumes at the con

I made it into the last 25 minutes of so of  The World’s End – a movie by Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and Nick Frost. I’m assuming it’s about, well, the end of the world, but I hadn’t read anything about it other than the people making it. I couldn’t find a good seat so I pretended like I had a question, which I really wish I did because surprisingly not a lot of people lined up to ask. But not wanting to make a fool of myself by asking something about a movie I had no clue about (“Hey do you think you guys will ever make an apocalypse-type movie?”), just stood and enjoyed the view. The guys are really funny, and Chris Hardwick did a good job of playfully mocking the fans.

Next up was Veronica Mars, which I have absolutely no interest in but because of the way the con works wound up taking the seat of a much more devoted fan. The cast sounded like they get along great and enjoy working together, but unlike the Sherlock panel, it didn’t wind up piquing my interest. Then came Riddick, and the audience got super-pumped. I always knew it was a cult fave but I had no idea how excited people were about it, and then Vin Diesel came out with Katee Sackoff and he only gave the slightest hint about appearing in a Marvel movie and the crowd went nuts. Kickass 2 came right after that, and all the stars except for Jim Carrey showed up or made an appearance via video. Look forward to ultra-violence and copious swearing!

Walking Dead

Best group fan question

Then it was spoiler time because I’m not caught up on The Walking Dead but sat through the whole panel and heard about how so-and-so character was killed and so-and-so character’s dark character arc resulted in this, and of course by the lack of specific actors on the show knew that their characters were long gone. I think I might watch it in a few years when I’ve forgotten what I heard today.

Game of Thrones

2 days in a row of Kit Harington. No complaints

Finally what I had been waiting for all day – the Game of Thrones panel – arrived. It opened with an in memoriam video of all the characters who had died on the show so far – set to Boyz II Men’s “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye” – which made it morbidly hilarious. And that was sadly the highlight of the panel. Most of the major actors were there along with both creators and George R. R. Martin, but the questions weren’t that interesting unfortunately and I couldn’t help but wish that Chris Hardwick was hosting instead. The show is obviously serious for the most part (especially after this season…) but it’s always nice to inject some levity into a room where people have been breathing the same air for 6 straight hours. But I suppose as long as no one got stabbed in the eye with a pencil and George R. R. Martin didn’t continually ask about sex scenes is a win for Hall H. And the audience couldn’t even get a decent synchronized “The King in the North” chant when Richard Madden came out on stage. But the swag bag was pretty decent: t-shirt, the 3rd book, and a notepad.

I thought about staying for Sony but at that point was so exhausted from being in that room all day I decided to bolt for the slightly fresher air of the Exhibit Hall. I was prepared to hoard a lot of souvenirs but actually found it fun to just wander down all the booths and look at the artwork and props for display. It felt good to just be a kid again and ogle giant Lego displays or life-sized props and environments.


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