The Warmup

The nerds have descended onto San Diego in full force. It’s amazing what 2 days will do. On Monday the streets were pretty vacant but today is when people with Comic-Con shirts started appearing. Met a girl from Australia who was: 1) surprised that someone from Texas knew that “thongs” were their lingo for “flip-flops,” and 2) shrugged when I said exploring Coronado was good because she was “familiar with America already.” (But are you familiar with this small peninsula off America, huh??) Oh the culture clashes we will have this week.

Lego Hobbit

No signs of Lego-Legolas

Not only have people arrived en masse, but many of the external set-ups for new shows and movies are getting the final touches too. The tents have been set up for the external line-ups (yay…) and there are miscellaneous nerdy decorations that seemed to have spontaneously popped up around town. Once afternoon came and Preview Night attendees started walking around is when I got incredibly jealous excited to see all the swag being handed out. The swag bags have capes on them! Even the non-superhero-related ones! I don’t know why that is so awesome -probably because it is completely unnecessary – but it is.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get into the Intelligence panel – a new pilot OMG SQUEE Josh Holloway starring Josh Holloway of Lost – a show I very much enjoyed. Even the ending. Yes, I loved the finale. Come discuss this with me, bro. Then it’s the 20th anniversary of The X-Files, and all the major actors and writers and directors are scheduled to appear. It is an understatement when I say that I absolutely, positively MUST get into this panel. If not I will drown my sorrows in collectibles when I wander the booths tomorrow.

Bates Motel

Room for one more

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