The Wardrobe

To cosplay or not to cosplay. That was the pivotal question in the months leading up to Comic-Con. It’s really hard to find a female costume that isn’t just some gratuitous “female sexy knockoff” of a male character. (Like there could ever be a sexier Wolverine than Hugh Jackman). I had seriously considered learning to sew or how to create realistic armor for really nerdy costumes for Halloween several years ago but thanks to work and needing to be an adult this goal never came to fruition.

With making my own costume out of the question I went the lazy route and searched online for costumes, but this brought up the usual sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Transformers dresses. Why can’t they make a Donatello costume for women? Is the audience for female-sized costumes of Scorpion or Raiden from Mortal Kombat really that small? (Answer: yes).


Project Funway

Then I thought about how uncomfortable it would be to walk around 12 hours a day in some polyester costume that barely lasts the whole night. So I went another additional lazy route (also the much cheaper route) and went for the t-shirt costume. Once I saw that: 1) They made shirts for women, and 2) the Superman shirt had a detachable cape, I was committed. (Most frantic use of Amazon Prime ever). I thought about going the more trendy route like Game of Thrones but I needed to pay homage to my comic-book childhood and thus stuck to actual comic books. This is the first time that I’ve been afraid that I’m not enough of a nerd and won’t fit in.

Of course I can’t just go with a t-shirt costume and jeans. So the pair of Converse shoes that I had custom-designed with Batman: Arkham City characters will be making the trip too. I had to finally pull them from the special box from where they’ve been sitting on my desk for months. It’s not like they’ll even be noticeable to anyone unless they’re specifically looking at my feet, but just having them on gives me a sort of giddy enthusiasm. And the only sweater I packed is my N7 one. (“I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite hoodie on the Citadel”).


This puts a smile on my face

But like Comic-Con I might have a few surprises up my sleeve. And no, I’m not going to dress up as Princess Leia. That might be the only costume where it’s more entertaining to all parties when the man wears the bra.



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