The Walkaround

Arrived in San Diego this afternoon on a perfectly sunny 70-degree weather day and ran into the most enthusiastic and appropriately-named hotel employee called Merry who checked us into our room. Downtown has an almost abandoned/calm-before-the-storm feel with massive preparations underway while the crowds haven’t arrived yet. Comic-Con flags are littered on all the streetlamps while the full building-sized banners are still being hung up on the skyscrapers and hotels.Banner

I walked to the Convention Center just to familiarize myself with the area and was amazed at the sheer size of the building. I couldn’t even estimate how many football fields could fit along the length. But from just looking at the whole place it already has an iconic feel to it since it’s a unique-looking building located right on the water. There were a handful of people also wandering around like zombies scoping out the place. Mixed in amongst us were also a lot of beautiful locals working out – like hardcore working out – either doing push-ups from the steps or involved in some bootcamp class. I, on the other hand, was patting myself on the back for refraining from getting a frozen banana earlier in Newport Beach. Just a typical Monday afternoon in San Diego.

The most encouraging and yet discouraging view of set-up was the area outside Hall H – the biggest room with a 6,500-person capacity. Workers were setting up what I can only guess were tarps on the grass for the inevitable outdoor line that people will form overnight before the daily activities start. So yay, there will be a roof over you while you spend the entire night outdoors. I haven’t decided how early I’ll go yet, but I’m excited to see what the difference in crowds will be once Wednesday comes, because it’s very peaceful right now in downtown, which is great for getting around and being able to get dinner with no wait, but once Wednesday rolls around I’m thinking the floodgates will open.SDCC

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